Crows Feet

A Colombian Parade

A Colombian Parade


As the crows feet press

In the cold, desert sand

We are so helpless

In this God-given land

Time is a stamp

With an inked-up hand

Trying to hide

Under a dimly lit lamp

A Colombian Parade

A Colombian Parade

A Colombian Parade

Calboa Music Poetry A Colombian Parade

I Know I have a problem

But What really makes me scared

I've told myself I love them

Beyond the point of no return

& each time I forgive them

Because they're the only ones who care

I know I have a problem

One that can't be repaired

I know I have a problem

To me it seems unfair

I'm running around in circles

'Cos the cure is the cause of hurt

When I think I've lost them

The cravings protest a return

I know I have a problem 

My cries remain unheard

My tired legs, they need a break

From this Colombian Parade

Polar Night

A Colombian Parade

Polar Night


All the good times stay in my mind

But I can never relive them

The bad times are just as easy to find

& each time I'll forgive them

'Cos they can do no wrong in my eyes

In my eyes, they're perfect

I don't feel like I belong here

But I'll make every minute worth it

Or worthless, I'm undecided

I'm careless, & I can't hide it

I'm living in darkness, but I'm in permanent light

I hide through the day time and light candles at night

I'm losing my purpose in life

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